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The origin of the PushPull

Posted by on Dec 23, 2013 in The Podcast
The origin of the PushPull

Twas a dark and stormy night… Okay, no it was a moderately overcast mid-afternoon, and we were out to lunch. We were ranting about something web-related, when we decided that we should record our ranting and inflict it upon the internet. Originally we thought to call it Web By the Pound (as if “content” were something you could sell at a market), but went with the PushPull instead (referring to the artistic sense of a work pushing or pulling you, and also the much nerdier sense of pushing or pulling a repository).

We met in 2007, when we volunteered through the American Marketing Association to work on a site for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. We’ve since only worked on hair-brained creative projects, like a radio interview show that went no where and a terrible movie for Filmed by Bike that we were hoping would get into the reject film show. We finally decided that it was time to get our act together and actually release something into the wild.

We record all of the shows in-person at Joel’s house, including (so far) all of our guests.  Since we live in the amazing town of Portland (otherwise known as the Silicon Forest), we don’t think we’ll run out of amazing people to drag into Joel’s living room any time soon, although we won’t rule out having out of town guests on through Skype.