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And we’re back! After a short hiatus, we’ve come back better then ever with a slight twist on our old format. We’ll have two episodes on this topic–first with a guest, and then a shorter follow up show, with the addition of YOUR feedback, thoughts and questions! So please, shoot us a message in the comments, on twitter or by good old email.

For this episode, we talk about design and budgets with Josh Riggs, designer at Think Shout. Think Shout focuses on non-profit clients. Josh talks about what designers should do to keep their projects within budget. What design deliverables are necessary for the client and for the developers without killing the budget? How can a designer refine his/her’s process to maximize efficiency without sacrificing the work? We complain about agile versus waterfall when it comes to agencies, and we try to figure out exactly what the right process is.

Show Notes: