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Kristin and Joel get back to their ranty roots, starting with Kristin’s conference experiences. As the caffeine kicks in, they cover content, team roles, and delight. Joel tells Kristin what a “Content Strategist” really is. Kristin is shocked and realizes she’s been living in a dream world.

Show Notes:

  • Joel misidentifies Joe Pullizi’s Content Marketing Institute. He is very sorry.
  • Kristin raves about her In Control Conference experience.
  • We admit that we save companies we like the price of click through and punish companies we don’t by clicking their ads.
  • We rant about Louis Rosenfeld’s rant that (paraphrased) “agencies must die.”
  • Joel references One Direction, to the delight and wonder of Kristin who is too old to have ever heard of them.
  • Joel promises (with his fingers crossed) to go to Web Visions Portland.
  • Kristin turns Joel on to designing for delight.
  • Kristin talks about preparing for her Refresh listicle presentation for April.
  • Kristin promises to publish her conference-going advice…

Kristin’s 6 7 step guide to attending conferences:

  1. Go with intention
  2. Go to the after-hours events and meet everyone
  3. Go alone if you tend to stick to your co-workers/friends
  4. Write notes on paper and don’t touch internet-enabled devices during the talks
  5. I prefer smaller, single-track conferences
  6. Go to a mix of talks – technical, inspiration, high level, process-oriented, etc. Perhaps even something outside your profession if it’s a large one.
  7. Make a conference buddy (not your co-worker, silly. Someone new) early on to pal around with.